Jake Mitchell Photography

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A few more photos from NYC. Buildings. A few photos of the crashed sea-streak ferry. 

A few water photos from my commute to NYC. 

A surreal sight in NYC in the winter.

A surreal sight in NYC in the winter.

My two experiments with HDR. Barnegat Light Harbor. 

An abandoned building in Newark, the Barnegat Lighthouse, and the Barnegat Light Harbor. 

First portraits of 2013, including a shadow self-portrait.  Contact me at rmitchel@bu.edu if you want custom portraits done. I charge exactly nothing.

Also a few shots from Ben’s swim meet vs. Neptune. Played around with the shutter speed a little bit to get some cool blur effects. 

A stormy day at the beach; Daisy looking bashful; playing with an extra lens. 

Barnegat Bay during the Perseids, Playing with Light, and a Middletown South-North swim meet.